Cannabis Health Benefits & Dosing

Start with understanding dosing

There is a lot of debate regarding the health benefits as well as the harms associated with cannabis. This is largely due to the misapprehension of facts. However, one aspect where most would agree is that cannabis consumption has different effects on each & every individual. This is because each one of us has a unique body composition i.e. the physical, internal, & mental functions. It would be fair to say that cannabis is a personalised remedy i.e. too much for one person might be too little for another person. Therefore, based on our own personalised experience we know that understanding our personal dosage amounts was critical in experiencing the health benefits of cannabis.

Mental Health Benefits

Through personal use, we have seen cannabis help with anxiety, depression, stress relief & mood disorders. In addition to the above, we have experienced higher focus and manage to achieve a state of ‘Flow’ through the right dosage. However, there have been instances where we have exceeded our dosage and experienced high levels of anxiety & unproductiveness.

There is also peer-reviewed scientific research conducted in this area that describes in detail the effect of cannabis on the human mind –

Other Health Benefits

In David Bearman’s book ‘Cannabis Medicine – A Guide to the practice of Cannabinoid Medicine’ he mentions the following therapeutic uses of cannabis –

ADD; PTSD; Analgesic; Autoimmune Diseases; Gastrointestinal; Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome; Motor Control; Neurodegenerative Disease; Asthma; Epilepsy & Seizures and Glaucoma among others

Dr. David Bearman
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