Is THC the devil?

We recently watched Patrick Gower's 'On Weed'. An excellent, timely documentary for raising cannabis awareness before the referendum. 

The doco did a great job of highlighting that THC concentration is an important measure to keep in check. 

The most common side effects experienced by individuals of high THC cannabis are indeed paranoia, anxiety, and addiction. But that is not THC's fault, its got a lot of benefits, it's the misunderstood dosing of it . Moreover, cannabis affects each individual differently depending on their body type, physical and mental state, just like someone would not be able to walk after three beers. Still, someone would be perfectly fine even after six beers.



Most experienced cannabis users know their THC limit because they have been self-medicating for a long time and understand their body's reaction best to a certain amount of cannabis. Kind of similar understanding one has when they have had too much coffee/caffeine. Hence, they can manage their dosing and avoid side-effects. 

So if someone can educate themselves on dosing, be it from a medical professional or self-medication. That would allow someone to experience the maximum benefits from all the components of the plant, including THC, not just an isolate like CBD.