Cannabis, COVID-19, Limonene

Three words not commonly used in the same sentence. We at Good Herb Soda thought that during this time of self-isolation - A little immunity-boosting tip that connects all three might add a little cheer to the day :).  

Limonene, a plant terpene, is mostly found in citrus rinds is also found in several cannabis strains such as OG Kush. This terpene, when combined with cannabinoids such as THC & CBD, works as an immunity modulator. So, take a breath and get some Limonene.   

Consuming Limonene is also quite uplifting and acts as an anti-depressant. Think about the refreshing smell when squeezing citrus rinds? what we are smelling is the limonene. This terpene interacts with our serotonin and dopamine receptors and makes us feel uplifted and refreshed.  

Fun Fact - In a human clinical study in Japan, in 1995, 9 out of 12 individuals who were introduced to limonene stopped the use of anti-depressant pills.