What Is Good Herb Soda?

Put most simply — Good Herb Soda is a wellness tonic made from a herbal infusion of botanical terpenes inspired by cannabis.

Each of our product is crafted to either to put you in a calm state or a focussed state. You may still have a few questions. So, let us explain.


Do Good Herb Sodas contain cannabis?

No, the sodas do not contain cannabis. The drinks are crafted by carefully selecting natural botanical terpenes and putting them together in the same ratio as found in cannabis strains such as OG Kush & Blue Dream. Additionally, our drinks do not contain any psychoactive ingredients and are entirely legal.


When is a good time to drink Good Herb Soda?

Anytime really but to be more specific – 

Best Use of 'INZONE'

Use during any activities that require focus and concentration, such as running, hiking, yoga, creative pursuits, writing, sports, gym, or as an add-on to other cannabis products.

Best Use of ‘UNWIND’

Use when you want to calm or relax your mind and body, after work, after workouts, hanging out with friends, during 'Me' time, before and after dealing with annoying people, or as an add-on to other cannabis products. 


What is the recommended dosage?

We usually sip on a bottle within an hour. 


How long will the effects last?

It depends upon the metabolic activity of each person. However, since these drinks have only functional effects and no psychoactive effects (no high), use as required.


Is Good Herb Soda available outside of New Zealand?

Not at this time.

Contact us (info@goodherbsoda.com) if you are outside New Zealand and interested in wholesale.