What Is Good Herb Soda?

Good Herb Soda is a range of wellness tonics designed for holistic wellbeing.  

'Unwind' is designed to aid in stress relief & 

'InZone' is designed to provide a feeling of upliftment. 


How do these drinks work?

The functional benefits are attributed to the unique terpene profile of each drink.


What are terpenes?

Terpenes are the primary component of any plant essential-oil responsible for its aroma & therapeutic effect.

For Example - The terpene 'Linalool' is responsible for the sweet aroma & calming effect of lavender oil.  


Which Terpenes are in the drinks? 

Please click here to know about the different types of terpenes in the drinks and their benefits

Click here for ‘Unwind’ terpene profile

Click here for ‘InZone’ terpene profile


What is the base flavour of each drink?

'Unwind' - Mango, Clove, Cardamom 

'InZone' - Lemon, Ginger, Yuzu 


Do the drinks contain sugar, preservatives etc..?

Both drinks are made from all natural ingredients, contain no added sugar, have no preservatives, less than 10 calories and are non-psychoactive.


Why Cannabis-Inspired? 

The drinks are made from natural botanical terpenes which are put together in the same ratio as found in cannabis strains.

The terpenes in 'Unwind' replicate the 'Blue Dream' cannabis strain &

The terpenes in 'InZone' replicate the 'OG Kush' cannabis strain. 


Best way to consume?

Best enjoyed chilled, slowly sipping on it for 20-30 mins like wine.

If not finished in one setting close the lid and put it in the fridge but don't leave for more than 48hrs as there is a risk of going bad because of no preservatives. 


Recommended use?

'Unwind' - when you want to calm or relax your mind and body, such as after work, after workouts, while hanging out with friends, during 'Me' time, etc.; to chill out. 

'InZone' - Use during or before any activity that requires focus and concentration, such as running, yoga, creative pursuits, writing, sports, work, etc.; like a pick me up.


Cannabis Consumers will be interested in the interaction of CBD, THC etc. with Terpenes. 

Key points to mention 

1) Help with Entourage effect, i.e. consuming more components of the plant rather than an isolate like CBD

2) Work better with edibles because when ingested terpenes create enzymes in the liver that help better absorb components like CBD, THC etc 


Is Good Herb Soda available outside of New Zealand?

Not at this time.

Contact us (info@goodherbsoda.com) if you are outside New Zealand and interested in wholesale.