What are Terpenes?

What Are Terpenes?
Terpenes are the organic compounds found everywhere in nature within each herb, flower, and fruit that give them their unique scent and flavour. So, when someone says, "Stop and smell the roses," what they're saying is, "Stop and smell the terpenes."


So How Do Terpenes Make you FEEL?
Terpenes can give you a number of different feelings. Our blend is designed to help you feel uplifted, focused and alert. The way this affects you when drinking TERPS will depend on what your doing at the time. Having a laugh and a dance with friends, you’ll feel ready to go all night, sitting in your favourite chair with a good book, you’ll feel able to focus on the story and enjoy the wind-down.

What Terpenes Do You Use And Why?
We use 40 Terpenes to give our products their effects. All are sourced from fruits, herbs and plants. The heavy hitters are:


How Do Terpenes Work?
Scientists used to believe that smells had positive health benefits because your sense of smell is associated with areas of the brain that influence your mood.

But they now believe that terpenes act directly on brain cells. They think terpenes work by binding to receptors and neurotransmitters and imitating natural compounds in your body to regulate emotions, weight, health etc.

Are Terpenes Safe?
Terpenes are not psychoactive which means they don’t affect your mental processes. Terpenes are recognized as safe by the FDA.

If you think about it, all plants have terpenes and you eat them every day. So, when you breathe in the fresh scent of citrus as you enjoy your fruit in the morning, you're benefiting from terpenes.

Safe When I'm Pregnant?
Terpenes are harmless, natural compounds that only have a short term, positive effect on our mind and body. Our rule of thumb is to treat terpenes like caffeine in that a serving or two has no negative health effect on mother or baby but can stimulate your mind, blood flow and oxygen levels giving you a sense of well-being. If ever concerned, consult your medical professional first.

Do Terpenes Get You High?
No. Terpenes do not exert a psychoactive high However, they do work in more subtle ways to alter mood through interaction with the serotonin and dopamine systems. For example, terpenes such as limonene serve up a refreshing and stimulating sensation.


Most common Terpenes and their Therapeutic Effects


Myrcene smell often reminds of earthy and musky notes, with a fruity aroma most commonly found in:


 Mangos                 Lemongrass                  Hops

Myrcene is most often used for the treatment of chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and even works as an antioxidant.



Limonene is easily distinguished by its wonderful fruity and citrus aroma, and is found in large amounts in all citrus fruits and herbs such as: 


 Lemons                    Oranges                   Juniper 

Limonene is most often used for the treatment of anxiety, depression as it can elevate one's mood and relieve stress. It is also helpful for combating pain, inflammation and cancer.



Pinene is one of the most common terpenes and can be identified with the traditional pleasant, fresh and bright scent of plants such as:


 Pines                       Rosemary                    Basil

Pinene is most commonly used for the treatment of pain, inflammation, asthma, anxiety ulcers, and even cancer. Pinene is an excellent bronchodilator i.e. helps improve airflow and respiratory functions. A very popular therapy in Japan 'Shirin-yoku', which means “forest bathing,” involves taking leisurely walks in the pine forest, soaking up the atmosphere to have preventive and restorative effects on a person’s psyche and physiology.



Beta-Caryophylene has a very unique sweet, earth and spicy aroma which we commonly associate with spices such as:


 Black Pepper                  Cloves                      Cinnamon

Beta-caryophyllene is most commonly used for the treatment of anxiety, depression as it helps relieve stress. It also works as a pain reliever and helps protect cells that line the digestive tract.



 Linalool is a floral scented with a hint of spice and is found in:


 Lavender                       Sage                          Basil

Linalool has a calming and anti-anxiety effect as it provides mood enhancement and can also act as a sedative. Most commonly it is used to help treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and inflammation.



Terpinolene is a sweet, floral scented terpene that has been commonly associated with:


Lilac                          Nutmeg                         Cumin

Terpinolene is commonly used as an antioxidant, sedative, antibacterial and antifungal. Terpinolene's mild yet effective depressant action on the central nervous system means it can be used for insomnia treatment in addition to psychological excitement and anxiety.